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Become The Person Your Horse Wants You To Be!

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Leg Up Coaching (LUC) is a worldwide equestrian community focused on daily coaching, inspiration, a positive mindset, and helping you achieve your most important goals~

All while having FUN!  

LUC is led by Equestrian Life Coach & The Smart Equestrian Planner creator, Jenna Knudsen. Jenna has been successfully coaching equestrians for the past 9 years helping to transform their lives and shifting to lives they love.

Why You Should Join Us?

Do you want to be part of a vibrant equestrian community that believes in you and works together to move you towards your goals and dreams?

You belong here if you are on a personal journey and want more out of life.

Do you strive for optimal health and wellness, more time for the things you love, and confidence in life and in the saddle?

Leg Up Coaching is for equestrian women looking to actively change their lives. With the consistent guidance of a professional coach, you can achieve goals in all areas of life including riding, personal relationships, career, financial, and health.

Are you ready to become the person your horse WANTS you to be?

 Then this is your herd!


"I love Leg Up Coaching. It has been so helpful to have this group of people when I need support. The videos have been really helpful. The monthly calls have given me some great life hack ideas. Hands down though, my favorite part of L.U.C. is Book Club. I would never have read any of these books on my own, and some of them have been absolutely life changing! I love Leg Up Coaching!"  Katrina R

"Jenna has had a tremendous impact in my life since I began my journey with her as my coach 8 months ago. Jenna taught me the power of planning and how to create my day to give me time for the things I love, how to execute on my plan with accountability, and the power of my mindset to inspire and motivate me to accomplish my vision and goals. Her coaching styles has energized me to commit to being a healthy, confident equestrian athlete."                                            Mary Beth

"The coaching I have received from Jenna has been so helpful in giving me a more focused direction. I set daily intentions so that I am on the path to reaching my goals. Her emphasis on being grateful for my life and all that I have keeps me grounded. I am able to realize that I am living a life I love, because I love the journey I am on. I'm excited to begin the Leg Up Club and Crush new goals."   Peggy


Meet Jenna

Life Coach for Equestrians

It has been my dream to help empower equestrian women to the next level of their life. We can all use a leg-up in life and we can all benefit from accountability and coaching. 

My life has been dedicated to coaching women. Now it is solely devoted to coaching equestrian women.

As life goes, it is not always wonderful despite what you see on Facebook or Instagram. Life has peaks and way too many valleys. I have struggled and worked hard to find the ways out of the low points. I did it by finding great mentors, reading, planning and committing to make the changes necessary for success.

What I have discovered is now something I gift back to others. We are all on a path and sometimes it just works better when there is a guiding hand to help.

I invite you to join me and also to meet some of the most amazing equestrian women anywhere. (Guaranteed you will love them) Our exclusive community is life-changing, and this my deepest wish for you, to Live The Life You Love.

Jenna lives in Woodstock, NY with her significant other Doug, her Golden Retriever Duke, her Clydesdale, Royal, her 9 chickens and her two amazing kids Katie & Liam!